Daily Conversations & Words Indonesian + CD Audio

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DAILY CONVERSATIONS​ + WORDS ​INDONESIAN is made​ for people across​ the globe who ​want to expand ​their knowledge of​ the Indonesian ​language and ​everything else ​related to ​Indonesia as a ​country. This book​ is unique and ​there is not ​currently a book ​like this on the ​market with it’s​ ability to teach ​the reader ​Indonesian in a ​simple way. ​This book consists​ of three parts. ​The first and ​second parts ​consist of a ​collection of ​vocabulary and ​basic phrases that​ will help you in​ enhancing the use​ of your ​vocabulary in your​ daily ​conversation. The ​third part ​contains a ​dialogue in a ​variety of themes ​that will help ​you respond in a ​conversation in ​particular ​contexts. ​DAILY CONVERSATIONS​ + WORDS ​INDONESIAN has a ​visually attractive​ design for your ​reading enjoyment, ​and it will help ​you speak ​Indonesian ​fluently. This ​book is also ​supported by ​thematic images ​and an audio CD.

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